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One of the last things a homeowner wants to see in their chimney is water. Leaks can lead to rust, corrosion, damaged masonry, and a host of other problems that, left unaddressed, can be frustrating, unsafe, and expensive to repair. In fact, organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) have deemed water to be a chimney’s number one foe.

If you think your chimney has a leak or that water is getting into your system, call the chimney technicians at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep. We can figure out what’s wrong, and make it right. Dial 978-552-3332 or reach out online now.

Why Is My Chimney Leaking?

The parts designed to protect your chimney from water are also common sources of leaks. Chimneys are built with specific components that are designed to help keep their worst enemy – water – away. But since those parts tend to be bearing the brunt of water’s attempts to get in, they can get damaged (if not properly installed or maintained) and end up being the source of a leak.

In the end, if your chimney is leaking, it’s probably due to one of the following:

  • Chimney Cap Damage: A chimney cap is the protective cover at the top of your chimney, usually made of steel, copper or iron, and it helps keep rain out of your chimney and water out of your firebox. If your cap is damaged or missing, it could be the source, or part, of your problem.
  • Chimney Crown Deterioration: The concrete (or sometimes masonry) slab at the top of your chimney, right below the cap, is called the chimney crown, and it’s working hard to direct water, snow, and sleet away from your chimney. Unfortunately, cracks and spalling can develop over time, especially if the crown was built incorrectly from the start, allowing water to get into the masonry and wreak havoc.
  • Chase Cover Damage or Rust: If you have a prefabricated chimney, then you won’t have a concrete chimney crown. Rather, you’ll have a chase cover, which is a metal covering that protects the entire top of the chimney chase. It’s essentially a crown and serves the same purpose – it’s just made from different materials. That said, aluminum options can quickly rust and break down.
  • Flashing Damage or Rust: Your chimney should have metal flashing in place, right where it meets the roofline. These sheets are meant to stop water from getting in from this notoriously vulnerable area. Damaged or missing flashing is another common cause of leaks, and it could cause the walls and ceiling near your fireplace to become stained and damaged.
Chimney Tech working on leak repair of a chimney

Leaks can often be a combination of several issues, so pinpointing the source is a complex process. That’s why it’s important to hire expert chimney technicians like the ones at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep to inspect your chimney regularly, so we can fix any leak-related issues promptly.

We fix chimney leaks every day, so we can trace the problem or problems and help you design a course of action to correct it.

How Can I Prevent Chimney Leaks?

A few preventive measures homeowners can take to ward off leaks include:

  • Repair or replace your chimney cap. A chimney cap is a simple and affordable barrier against water, and it’s often overlooked. Beyond helping keep water out of your chimney, a cap also keeps out animals and debris and keeps embers and sparks from getting out of your chimney. Our certified chimney sweeps can install or replace a cap that works for your chimney’s needs and the look of your home.
  • Check your chimney damper. Your chimney’s damper seals off the flue when you’re not using your fireplace or stove, which helps keep animals and debris out, keeps hot or cool air that you want inside from escaping and is another way to help keep water out of your chimney and home. Let Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep make sure your damper is functioning properly, and if there’s a problem, repair or replace it.
  • Invest in crown or chase cover repairs. Whether you have a crown or chase cover, we can help with any necessary repairs. Sometimes crowns can be patched, while other times a rebuild is in order. We can complete both services. And if it’s a replacement chase cover you need? We’ll find the most suitable options for your setup.
  • Repair or install flashing. If your flashing is damaged, we have the tools and expertise to repair it. And if it’s missing altogether, trust our experts to get quality sheets correctly installed. Once we’re through, you’re chimney, roof, and home will be better protected, so you can breathe easier.
  • Waterproof your chimney. Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep can apply a protective waterproofing sealant that fends off the elements and extends the life of your chimney. Our professional-grade products ensure moisture can’t get in, while still allowing your chimney to remain vapor-permeable. This is important for venting out flue gases and any pre-absorbed water.

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You may not end up needing every chimney service we provide, but at least once a year, we’re certain you should schedule a regular chimney sweeping…simple and easy.