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Seated at the top of prefabricated chimneys, as well as some masonry ones, is the chase cover. It’s an essential piece of your chimney’s anatomy, ensuring water, debris, and critters can’t wreak havoc all throughout your system’s structure.

Have you looked up recently to notice your chase cover is missing? Or perhaps you have some water damage or debris buildup, and you’re worried that a damaged chase cover is the cause?

Whatever the issue, we’ll get to the bottom of it. Call 978-552-3332 or request your next appointment online today.

Is a Chase Cover the Same as a Chimney Crown?

Yes and no. Many refer to chase covers as the crown of a prefabricated chimney chase – although they can be used on masonry chimneys as well.

A chimney crown is a concrete slab formed on top of a masonry chimney that helps direct water away from the structure, while working alongside the chimney cap to keep potentially harmful materials out of the flue.

A chase cover has the same job, only it’s not made of concrete – it’s a metal component fitted on top of the structure. And while a masonry chimney can have either a chase cover or a chimney crown, a prefab one can only be fitted with a chase cover.

Chimney Chase Cover and Cap

So… which do you need? A chase cover or crown?

If the mechanics of it all is still a bit fuzzy in your brain, no worries – we’re here to help. We can look at your unique setup, then guide you towards the best path for your needs. No matter what you end up with, one thing will be certain: your chimney will be better protected than ever.

We Offer Copper & Stainless Steel Chase Covers

We offer both stainless steel and copper chase covers, so whatever color or style you prefer, we have options for you. Copper offers a more brownish-red appearance that eventually turns to a greenish patina over time. Stainless steel will give you that classic and smooth silver/metallic look and feel.

Whichever route you take, don’t worry about performance. Both options are high-quality materials and will offer years of rust-free, corrosion-resistant protection.

Can You Powder Coat My Stainless Steel Chase Cover?

Yep! If the silvery/shiny metal appearance just isn’t doing it for you, ask about our powder coating options. There are tons of colors and finishes to choose from, and thanks to advanced powder coating technology, you won’t have to worry about anything chipping, fading, or cracking over time.

Our Chimney Products Stand Strong for Years

If you want protection for your chimney or fireplace that’s sure to last for the long haul, turn to our crew now. We’ve got you covered for all chimney and fireplace-related needs.

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