Would a Retrofit Fireplace Be a Good Option for You? We’re Here to Help

A retrofit fireplace is a system that can be installed into your current fireplace setup. This is done for multiple reasons, some of the most common being to bring an old fireplace up to code or to bypass expensive repair jobs that would need to be completed on a damaged firebox.

Whatever your reasoning is, though, we’re here to help with two great retrofitting options – a PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace System or an Ahren-Fire Fireplace System.

Let’s discuss which would be the best fireplace installation choice for your unique needs, budget, and preferences. We’re here to help – call 978-552-3332 or book with us online today.

We Install PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace Systems

If you have an existing masonry fireplace that needs an upgrade, consider the HeatShield® PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace System. Traditional masonry fireplaces often require extensive maintenance and repair services – especially older or historic ones – and in some cases, they may become too damaged to safely restore. 

The PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace System is an excellent alternative for homes with damaged fireplaces, outdated designs, or fire code violations.

Owning a PriorFire Fireplace offers several advantages:

  • Lower maintenance costs due to cleaner burns and reduced creosote buildup
  • An upgraded fireplace can increase your property’s resale value
  • More efficiency than traditional fireplaces, helping to lower energy costs
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind
  • Fewer draft issues and better heat for longer periods, reducing energy costs

What really sets the PriorFire Retrofit Fireplace System apart, though, is its advanced design, which helps ensure your fireplace meets local building codes and safety standards when all is said and done. It features low-mass firebrick, an “Air Wing” over-fire air injection system, and can be installed in most residential fireplaces. This system eliminates smoking problems, increases safety, and provides better insulation.

Interested in an Ahren-Fire Fireplace System?

Ahren-Fire Fireplace Systems are known for their innovative design, featuring rounded corners and a curved back wall. This unique construction enhances heat production and ensures even distribution.

In addition, the materials used are built to withstand high temperatures, guaranteeing durability and lasting performance, and these fireboxes also feature a realistic brick pattern, adding authenticity to your fireplace and ensuring a great aesthetic.

And the installation process? Installing an Ahren-Fire firebox is relatively quick and uncomplicated, ensuring that you can enjoy a cozy fire in no time. 

Finally, Ahren-Fire offers a range of size options, making it easy to find the right fit for your unique space. An important advantage is that these fireboxes seamlessly integrate with your existing fireplace, preserving its original aesthetic, while enhancing its efficiency.

Questions? We’ve Got Answers

If you’re ready to get your new retrofit installed and running, give us a call or reach out online to get your appointment started. We can’t wait to speak with you soon!


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