Chimney Flashing Repair & Installation: Experience Our Quality Craftsmanship

Your chimney was built with extra protection at all its vulnerable points – the places where water can potentially get in and cause damage. The chimney’s flashing adds a much-needed layer of protection where the roof line and chimney meet. It’s usually made of overlapping layers of stainless steel, aluminum, or copper, and is fitted specifically for your chimney. Urethane caulk is added around the edges to create a waterproof barrier.

Since the flashing is working hard to protect one of your chimney’s potentially vulnerable points, over time, problems can develop – sometimes due to things out of your control, like your home settling, storm damage, or animals. And small problems with your flashing, if not addressed, can lead to big, expensive issues later on.

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What Are Some Common Flashing Repairs?

  • Flashing is missing altogether and needs to be replaced
  • The flashing metal has corroded, creating holes and spots of decay that are opening the chimney to leaks
  • Caulk has come loose, leaving gaps that should be repaired
  • Animals have tampered with the flashing, leaving it bent and vulnerable.
Chimney Flashing

Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep Can Repair or Install Your Flashing Right

A certified Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep technician can inspect your flashing and find any issues that may be contributing to current or potential leaks – and do the right repairs the right way. If your flashing is missing, we can install new, custom flashing to suit your chimney.

Every chimney is unique, so flashing repair and installation is custom work that needs to be done by a professional. Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep has more than 40 years of experience building, inspecting, and repairing chimneys, and we can perform the right flashing work for your home.

Flashing is Just One Area that Could Be Causing Leaks

Your chimney’s flashing is just one area that should be inspected when leaks arise. You may also want to have your chimney cap, chimney crown, damper, and chimney lining looked at. Adding a waterproofing sealant to your chimney can also help you avoid leaks. A Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep team member can perform a thorough inspection and find any problems that may be lurking in or around your chimney. Call to schedule an appointment!


We highly recommend getting a professional waterproofing treatment for your chimney system. It has a major impact on preventing costly chimney leaks.