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There’s nothing like enjoying the heat and ambiance of a burning fireplace when temperatures drop. If you want to guarantee your family the best – and safest – burning season yet, ensure you’re all set with a well-fitted and properly functioning chimney liner. We’d be happy to perform an inspection to see where things stand, then offer a solution most suitable to your situation, whether that’s installing a new stainless steel liner or performing a HeatShield® resurfacing or repair service.

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Your Chimney Liner & What It Does for You

Odds are, your chimney has a lining on the inside, and that lining is serving several functions:

  1. It’s protecting your masonry chimney from the destructive effects of fire’s byproducts. Burning fuel results in gases that, if allowed to permeate the masonry, would slowly damage the mortar joints. That could shorten the lifespan of the chimney and eventually allow those harmful gases into your home.
  2. It’s keeping your home protected from potential fire hazards. The chimney liner keeps heat away from nearby combustible materials in your home, which means it’s limiting the possibility of a house fire.
  3. It’s ensuring your fireplace and chimney can function as efficiently as possible. Your liner can also be used to correctly size a flue to make your system more efficient, as well as limit the buildup of creosote residue and carbon monoxide.
Chimney tech holding chimney liner

Now, there are many reasons you may need to reline your chimney. Your current lining may be old and deteriorating… a new or upgraded firebox might bring a need for a resized flue… or maybe your historic home has a chimney that was built without a lining at all (a dangerous situation that should be corrected as soon as possible).

Whatever the case, we’re here to help with all of your chimney relining needs. Give us a call to discuss your options, or reach out to us online and we’ll be in touch.

Common Relining Materials & Your Options

Chimney liners are largely made of clay tile, metal, or cast-in-place masonry. Each method has its benefits.

  • Clay Tiles: The most common – and least expensive – material used for chimney lining is clay. Clay tiles have been proven to work well when properly maintained, but the tiles will also commonly crack and split – which leaves them in need of potentially costly repairs. Also, clay tiles don’t work as well with newer gas appliances that many homeowners use and favor. Along with chimneys that weren’t built with liners, damaged clay tile liners create the most common need for chimney relining.
  • Stainless Steel: When it comes to prefabricated chimneys, we believe that stainless steel chimney liners are the only way to go. Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep installs stainless steel liners with lifetime warranties, and we guarantee the labor unconditionally for one year. These can work well in masonry options too – just ask our experts what would be best for you.
  • Cast Masonry: For a cast masonry liner, the old liner is usually removed and a new one is cast, bonding to the inside of your chimney. This seals cracks, gaps, and other deteriorated areas and forms a seamless, jointless lining. This is another great option that can strengthen the chimney in a historic home and provide a long-lasting solution, no matter what fuel you’re using.

Chimney Liners: What NOT To Use

When it comes to chimney relining, there is a notoriously cheap option – aluminum liners. That said, while these may save you a bit of money upfront, we don’t recommend – or even offer – them.

Why? We find those liners fall apart quickly, get eaten by squirrels, and ultimately end up being a waste of our clients’ money. We don’t recommend these, because we’re in the business of bringing the best value, best workmanship, and most durable materials to our customers.

In the end, you’ll end up spending more investing in replacements time and time again than you would by investing in something reliable right from the start. Trust us – aluminum is not the way to go.

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