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Chimney Crown Repairs

Water damage is one of your chimney’s biggest enemies, and the chimney’s crown — the masonry at the top, below the mounted aluminum, steel, copper or iron cap — is its first line of defense. The crown covers the top of your chimney from its edge to the flue liner, and directs water, snow and sleet away from the chimney, protecting the brick and mortar. That means your chimney’s crown is bearing the brunt of the elements, and cracks, crumbling mortar and other problems can arise over time.

Those cracks might look small, but they’re allowing water to leak into the masonry below, and if crown repairs aren’t done sooner rather than later, small issues can lead to major damage to your chimney, and your home.

How to Tell if Your Chimney Crown Needs Repairing

If you can see cracks, crumbled masonry, or chipping and flaking — known as spalling – or if you’re noticing chimney leaks, your chimney crown should be inspected by a certified Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep chimney technician who can assess and explain the extent of the damage.

Crown repairs can vary widely, depending on the damage. Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep technicians can recommend the best course of action to ensure a long life for your crown, and your chimney.

Crown Repairs Can Vary

A chimney crown that is still structurally intact with only moderate damage could benefit from a simple crown coat repair with a sealant, which is applied over the whole chimney crown to create a waterproof, long-lasting barrier.

If an inspection reveals more serious chimney crown damage, adequate repair can require a lot more work, possibly requiring the construction of a new crown. If it’s needed, Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep technicians can construct a durable new crown that will protect your chimney for many years to come.

Our licensed and certified technicians will walk you through the state of your chimney crown’s damage, and share the best options for your home and a safe, fully functional chimney crown to protect it.

Why Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep is the Choice for Your Chimney Crown Repairs

It’s important to have your chimney crown repaired by a skilled, experienced technician, since it plays such a huge role in protecting your chimney from the damage water can cause. An improperly designed or repaired crown, or one that’s constructed or repaired with improper materials, can quickly crack and fail. And because chimney crowns are always bearing the brunt of the elements, small problems can very quickly become major ones, if left unaddressed. Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep has more than 30 years of experience building, repairing, inspecting and sweeping chimneys, and we can do the job right.

If you think you might have chimney crown damage — or want a Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep technician to inspect your chimney to find out — call and make an appointment with us.


Crumbling bricks and mortar can be repaired with repointing and tuckpointing. This kind of masonry chimney repair calls for the professionals at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep, so give us a call today.

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