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Whether you need to replace a factory-built fireplace unit that has reached the end of its service life, want to add a brand new chimney appliance, or you’re looking to replace an older system with a more efficient fireplace or stove, Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep can meet your needs.

We only install quality products that are backed by unparalleled warranties, and we guarantee our workmanship for a year as well. Looking for more info? We’re here to help. Call 978-552-3332 or reach out to us online now.

What Types of Fireplace Products Do We Offer?

Wood-Burning Appliances

Some of the wood-burning heating products we sell and install are:

  • Regency Wood Stoves
  • Stûv America Wood Stoves
  • Stûv America Fireplaces
  • Stûv America Wood Stove Inserts
  • MF Fire Wood Stoves
  • MF Fire Fireplaces
  • Hampton Fireplaces
Wood Burning Stove

Factory-Built Fireplaces

Factory-built fireplaces have some great benefits, such as:

  • they go through rigorous testing to pass industry standards of safety and efficiency
  • they can be very affordable
  • they’re built to be safely and efficiently installed in just about any room
  • they come in a wide range of sizes and can include various facing materials (brick, stone… whatever matches your tastes)
  • you can choose models that look more traditional, open on one side, or ones that open on two, three, or four sides.

Retrofit Fireplaces

Interested in a retrofit? We’ve got you covered. We offer:

  • Prior Fire Fireplace Systems
  • Ahrens Fireplace Systems

What’s a Fireplace Retrofit?

A fireplace retrofit refers to the process of upgrading or modifying an existing fireplace to improve its efficiency, safety, or aesthetics. In other words, if your old firebox is rundown, damaged, or just not producing hot or efficient fires, a retrofit might offer a good solution to get things back where they need to be. This is also a great path for someone who likes the overall look of their fireplace, and who doesn’t want to make any major aesthetic changes.

What’s a Freestanding Stove?

Freestanding stoves are made in a wide variety of styles and options today, for use inside in just about any room or for outside living areas. You can choose models made of cast iron, steel, or stone, and many modern stoves also use ceramic glass that allows you to sit and watch the fire, just like a fireplace. Fuel options are many – wood, wood pellet, coal, and oil-burning stoves are abundant, as are electric ones. Stoves can be beautiful additions to any space and are highly efficient heating appliances.

What’s a Fireplace Insert?

Installing a fireplace insert may be a great option if you have an existing fireplace that is old and inefficient. An insert is installed into an existing fireplace, using your existing chimney and with some possible flue modifications, like adding a flue liner. They can use various fuel sources – like gas, wood, or wood pellets – and offer far more efficient heating than a traditional fireplace, often circulating heat with blowers.

Wood Burning Insert

We Don’t Just Install the Best, We Sell Them

Here at Billy Sweet, we’re proud to offer our clients in North Shore, Portland, and the Boston area the very best fireplaces, retrofits, inserts, and stoves from top brands like Regency, Hampton, Stûv, and MF Fire. Each product we offer carries a limited lifetime warranty and is designed to be efficient, attractive, long-lasting, and high-quality. We can recommend and install a new stove or fireplace that works perfectly with your home and your needs.

Whether you’re looking to install a traditional or factory-built fireplace, insert, or new stove, Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep can find the right appliance for your needs and taste, and install it efficiently and correctly. Give us a call at 978-552-3332 or schedule with online today.


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