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We’ve spent decades maintaining and repairing chimneys all over Boston, Massachusetts and New England. That said, sometimes repair work just won’t cut it. If your chimney needs more involved services, Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep can help – whether you need to restore the masonry on a historic home or completely rebuild a severely damaged chimney.

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Does Your Chimney Need to be Rebuilt, Renovated, or Restored?

Ok, so you know your chimney is in trouble, but how do you know what you need? For instance, does your chimney lean, leak, smell, or look like it’s pulling away from your roof? Truth is, there’s a lot that could be leading to your problem.

In order to get the best resolutions for your chimney or fireplace damage, a certified Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep technician can investigate inside and outside your chimney to determine what needs to be done to make it safe, functional, and efficient.

When you hire us, rest assured that we’ll complete a thorough chimney inspection – including detailed digital imaging using the Chim-Scan® camera system and the Wohler Vis2000-Pro (which we’ll share with you) – and recommend the best course of action for your chimney and home. No matter the problem, Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep can do the work necessary to ensure that your chimney is a safe and beautiful one.

Chimneys in Historic Homes Are Our Specialty

We appreciate the beauty of your historic home as much as you do, and we specialize in rebuilding and restoring chimneys in historic homes that maintain their timeless beauty while providing all the safety and efficiency you need.

If you own an older home, it’s hard to know how thoroughly the former owners maintained the chimney. And with all those years of withstanding the effects of combustion and the elements, it’s possible that hazards are hiding somewhere in your system. We can find hidden issues in your chimney (including the need to bring it up to current standards and codes), and make it look just as great as it functions.

Whether you have hard-to-find bricks, difficult-to-match mortar, or other unique circumstances, we’re committed to finding what you need and making your chimney and home the best it can be.

We Can Rebuild Your Chimney

If the problems with your chimney make it necessary to rebuild, Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep can do the job – we’ve rebuilt chimneys for homeowners all over Boston and New England. Take a look at some images from past work:

Before repairs cracks in brick chimney with scaffolding in background


Custom chimney with design after repairs


Rebuild of chimney in the attic with hole in roof


After rebuild looking from attic


This was a long project. We took down the existing chimney, installed a temporary metal chimney to vent the homeowner’s heating system and then built up the new chimney.

The new sturdy, waterproofed chimney includes a stainless steel chimney liner and is protected by hip-and-ridge-style chimney caps, designed for high wind areas, which makes them ideal for coastal communities such as Marblehead, Beverly, Gloucester, and Rockport.

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What would you guess is one of the most common and damaging chimney problems? If you guessed chimney leaks, you would be right! Ask our chimney services experts for solutions as soon as possible.