When the weather warms up, we tend to put our fireplaces and chimney systems out of mind. But before you shut your flue for the season, figuratively and literally, it’s beneficial to consider some spring chimney services that’ll help your chimney come back around to the cold months in the best shape possible.

It's Springtime! Time to enjoy warm sunny days and let your chimney rest after enduring those cold grueling months of hard labor. Give it some spring chimney care.

It’s Springtime! Time to enjoy warm sunny days and let your chimney rest after enduring those cold grueling months of hard labor. Give it some spring chimney care.

So here’s something of a Spring Chimney Care Checklist to go over as your thoughts turn to T-shirts and garden blooms:

Spring Chimney Care Checklist From Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep

Ensure A Clean Chimney And A Non-stinky Spring

If you used your wood-burning fireplace all fall and winter, you doubtlessly have creosote built up in your flue. That’s just part of the equation with burning wood: You get heat, light and creosote. Some folks figure it’s best to just wait until next winter to get the chimney swept, since they’re less concerned about safety and fire hazards when not using the fireplace. But we can make some pretty strong arguments for the benefits of making a chimney sweeping appointment part of your spring chimney care checklist.

First, you’re getting that work done before the busy season, so you’ll have more options in terms of scheduling an appointment with Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep technicians, and most likely a faster turnaround time, too.

More than that, though, you’ll be improving the air in your home all spring and summer. Creosote build-up is one of the most common contributors to a stinky chimney. Creosote has a strong musty smell, and as the temperature and humidity rises, that smell can get stronger. So a spring-cleaned chimney, beyond being ready for winter ahead of time, makes your spring and summer that much more pleasant.

Check For Roof-related Damage

We all know that winter weather can take a toll on our roof, as well as the flashing where the chimney meets the roofline. Before we get into spring rains, it’s good to be aware of any flashing damage, since even something as small as caulking coming off can lead to a chimney leak.

Make Sure Animals Haven’t Moved In, And That They Won’t Be Able To

Some animals — including federally protected chimney swifts — are known for nesting in chimneys during the off-season. And when animals nest in your chimney, they bring along sounds, smells and debris that you certainly don’t want there. Inspecting your flue for nesting animals or signs of nesting animals is a smart thing to do. Preventing nesting animals, by having a quality chimney cap installed, is an even smarter thing to do.

Prep Your Masonry For Moisture

Moisture is, was and always will be the worst friend your chimney has. And during the wetter months, moisture gets a chance to give besting your chimney system’s defenses its all. There’s a lot you can do, though, to protect your system against moisture intrusion, including having Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep inspect your chimney crown and your flashing and having us apply a strong waterproofing sealant to protect your masonry.

You Can Get Through This Spring Chimney Checklist With Billy Sweet’s Help

You can get all of this spring chimney care accomplished — and more — by scheduling a chimney inspection and chimney sweeping appointment with Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep. During an inspection, we’ll check the system bottom to top and let you know if any problems are preventing your chimney from being protected and prepared for the next heating season. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment!