You wouldn’t change physicians without checking their HealthGrade or invest in a company without looking at their portfolio. Additionally, you also wouldn’t hire a professional without looking at online reviews and an impressive score from the Better Business Bureau. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of any business. Billy Sweet doesn’t only want our customers to be satisfied with services. We strive to make sure our customers in the Boston, North Shore, and Portland area are safe and comfortable too!

Why Your Review Matters

  1. When you review your chimney sweep you’re doing more than just drumming up business.
    Your positive review helps spread the word. What happens when you give your chimney sweep a positive review? You raise the score on sites such as Yelp, Google, and Yahoo; as well as the BBB which combines customer reviews with other criteria for an overall score.
  2. Your constructive criticism, positive or negative, provides your chimney sweep with your experience which you might not have time to articulate to your technician. This type of information is like gold to a business owner. It helps them to adjust and provide the best service possible.
  3. Your review allows for your chimney sweep to connect with customers and for customers to connect with each other.
    The best marketing for a small business is word-of-mouth, neighbors talking to neighbors.
  4. Your review is the best way to show your chimney sweep appreciation for a job well done. If you’re happy with services, you can definitely tell your technician. However, taking a moment to leave a review online will let everyone know you’re happy!

How to Leave a Review—Good or Bad

Usually customers are inclined to leave a review for a business under two circumstances: when they’re extremely pleased, or extremely displeased. There is almost no in between, although there may be an exception. Unfortunately, when you write a review under these circumstances, you may forget details that could be important to potential customers.

  • THE GLOWING REVIEW is always welcome, but can sometimes be misleading. You might be exceptionally happy with one thing, but dissatisfied with the price, or another detail that you miss during your review.
    [Pro tip: Be honest and consider the entire experience from start to finish. This includes the initial contact until services rendered.]
  • THE ONE STAR REVIEW is often due to one serious blunder on the part of an employee. Consequently this ends up coloring the whole experience poorly. Some customers may leave a bad review after a disappointing quote, and never even hire the chimney sweep.
    [Pro tip: Get a second opinion and then contact the company again directly to discuss options. A poor review won’t get you a more affordable price, but connecting with the company might.]

Billy Sweet Wants Your Review

At Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep we are proud to offer the highest level of professional service for over 30 years. We depend on our customer reviews to help us grow, and you can help.

You can review our services or view the reviews from past and current customers here.