It’s Great To Work In Boston

Working in Boston links you to the history and entrepreneurial spirit on which American Free Enterprise was built. Not only is Boston the birthplace of American freedom, throughout the years, Boston has proven to be a leader in national and international commerce. That’s why Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep is so proud we are part of the Boston business community.

Boston Harbor is the oldest in the country. John Smith discovered the port in 1614. The harbor is synonymous with the Boston Tea Party. By the 1660s Boston Harbor was the port for all arriving cargo ships bringing goods to New England. Today, Boston Harbor remains an important shipping port and many of the job opportunities are related to the maritime activities associated with the Port of Boston.


In addition to its strategic waterfront location, Boston has also grown into a technological, educational, and health care mecca for local, regional, national, and international businesses. As the capital of Massachusetts, there are civil and political employment opportunities, both local and state. At the crux of all business, is independent business. Boston is the place for entrepreneurs to build deep roots and showcase their talents and passions by providing products and services to those who live and work in the Boston area. There are over 800 restaurants in Boston and less than 40 of them are considered “fast food”. That means restaurants for lunch, after work get-togethers, dinner, and weekend food and entertainment venues are abundant for foodies and wait staff.

There are many characteristics that make working in Boston so special.

First and foremost are the people. Boston is a melting pot. Hardworking, determined settlers from across the globe came to Boston over the years in order to build a better life. Each generation has built on that foundation while growing Boston into a progressive leader of commerce in the world.

Boston is a city of education.

The students of Boston’s most prestigious colleges and universities make Boston one of the youngest metropolitan areas in the country. Working in Boston means your business is patronized by the students, faculty and administrators. As a resident or visitor to Boston you can enjoy sports, theatre, art, community education and much more as a result of the community outreach programs sponsored by the 53 colleges and universities in the Boston area. Nine out of 27 of Boston’s public schools were honored with the bronze, silver, or gold rankings by U.S. News & World Report thanks to their educators and school district administration. The first public school in the United States opened in 1635, Boston Latin, and is still open today.

Boston is a city of firsts.

  • First College (Harvard, 1636)
  • First Subway (1897)
  • First Public Park (1639)
  • First Organ Transplant (Kidney, 1954)
  • First City Police Department (1837)
  • First Dunkin Donut (1950)
  • First Newspaper (Boston Globe, 1704)
  • First Microwave Oven (1947)
  • First Ball Park (Fenway, 1912)
  • In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Boston, our first responders also receive our accolades.

All these, and many more firsts, reinforce why it is so good to work in Boston. For more firsts in Boston click here.

Sports in Boston are a source of employment and after work recreation.

The Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots mean sports lovers have the ability to cheer for their favorite team during every season. Dating as far back as opening day at Fenway, attending Opening Days and special games have even been the reason many employees have called in “sick”. There is nothing better than relaxing and supporting your favorite team! The staff who support the stadiums, teams, and concessions give our athletes and the fans a unique and unprecedented experience. (As do our renowned craft beer breweries.)

Boston Employment An All-Time High

There are over 3.4 million people working in Boston. Those who are currently working or look to work in Boston, are encouraged by this summary on the City of Boston’s website. “With a strong economy, safe streets and a diverse workforce, Boston is poised for continued success in fostering new enterprise throughout the city. Increasingly, companies are discovering new market opportunities in urban neighborhoods where density of purchasing power, investment in new infrastructure and access to employees form a framework for growth.”

We love working in Boston, the people, the resources, the transportation, the culture, the geography and so much more gives those who work in Boston a huge advantage and quality of life over America’s other big cities!