Why Some Chimneys Smell

There’s only a few things that can truly ruin your experience with a fireplace and one of them is unwelcome odors. Whether it’s when your fire is out, and you smell odors coming out of your fireplace, or when your fire is burning, it’s never a good thing. Odors in the fireplace and chimney actually always means there’s a problem, and we can help you figure out what.

Smoky Odors While In UseSmelly Chimney's mean it's time to call us

When your fire is burning, you may experience smoky odors. This can be caused from emissions pushing into your living space. Even if you cannot see the smoke, the chimney is most likely not venting properly, pushing particles and gases into your living space and affecting your breathable air.
Solution: Schedule a chimney inspection to determine what is preventing your chimney from venting. It may be a malfunctioning damper, an obstruction, or that you’re using improperly seasoned firewood.

Smoky/BBQ Odors while Fire is Out

When your fireplace isn’t in use, it allows the air inside the chimney to move down into the house and out the fireplace. This is especially a problem during cold weather. Cold air will fall directly into your fireplace and bring its odors with it if there isn’t a door or damper preventing it. During the summer, humidity will mingle with the air in the chimney resulting in smokey odors as well. These odors mean the flue is dirty.
Solution: Schedule a chimney sweep to clean away soot and creosote that creates odors like a barbecue grill or dirty oven. A sweep will also help your system to work more efficiently, raise safety, and lower fire risk.

Mold and Mildew Odors

If your fireplace and chimney are stinking up your house like wet laundry or mildew, there is a serious problem inside. These odors are most likely caused from a chimney leak in an unseen portion of the system, and one that has occurred long enough to cause bacteria growth. Water can cause extensive damage to the masonry chimney and all the parts that help it to work properly.
Solution: Schedule an appointment with a certified professional who can diagnose and correct a chimney leak. Billy Sweet repairs and replaces all the components that prevent water intrusion, including caps, crowns, and flashing. We also offer waterproofing services to protect the masonry from water and extends the life of the chimney.

Whether your chimney odor problem is a new problem, or if you’ve been dealing with it for awhile, it’s not supposed to occur. Any occurrence like this is an indication of a problem, and a problem with the chimney can lead to damage to the home, damage to the chimney, and possibly heath emergencies. Don’t risk it. Don’t endure the frustration and headache of a smoky or stinky fireplace, when you can have the issue assessed and addressed in no time.

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