Firebrick Patterns for Interior Fireplace

When you invest in a fireplace to add value to your property, you want it to match your home and your tastes. The housing market is trending toward fireplaces now more than ever. Additionally, they aren’t just practical additions to any home, but beautiful as well. When you have a fireplace and hearth professionally installed you get the option to personalize it to fit your exact specifications.

Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep fireplace and chimney experts are not only certified chimney sweeps! We also specialize in masonry construction and repair. We can build a hearth and fireplace from scratch. In addition, remodel an existing one with bricks or stone in a variety of designs.

Installation and Repair

Only a certified chimney sweep can properly construct or repair a fireplace or chimney. Your family’s safety and comfort is too important to leave up to chance. Hire a professional to get the job done right the first time.

  • A professional will choose correct materials.
    Too often, we are called in to repair damage from an incorrect installation. Amateurs and cons often use regular bricks instead of fire bricks to construct the fireplace. They may do this to cut costs or because they simply don’t know any better. However, either way it leads to frequent damage, increased fire risk, and unsightly heat stains.
  • A professional should be able to install any design.
    Whether you want a square or arched fireplace opening, an experienced mason should be able to do it and do it well. Professionals who have the expertise required should be able to assist you in designing your dream fireplace and hearth.
  • A professional should know safety codes and adhere to them.
    Interior fireplaces should abide by safety codes. Firebricks are available and rated as low, medium, or high duty. Also, designs should be compliant for safe use in a fireplace.

Your Fireplace Design

The homeowner has more freedom to design the hearth and mantel than the firebox itself, but there are many patterns that comply with safety standards. Your chimney expert should not only be able to comply with safety standards, but should be experienced in the actual design and implementation of it. The firebox withstands the most abuse of any part of the chimney system, with the highest temperatures for the longest periods of time. If the fire box isn’t constructed properly, you may spend a small fortune in future repairs and damage.

Protecting Your Fireplace Design

Once you’ve settled on your dream fireplace and had it built, you want it to last. With adequate care and professional maintenance to your fireplace and chimney, your system should last the life of your home, but there are certain preventative measures to insure it does. At Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep we offer waterproofing services that protects your masonry from water damage. It’s water that does the most damage to the chimney’s masonry, and when water gets into your fireplace, it can mingle with the soot and ash there to deteriorate your masonry from the inside out.

Call Billy Sweet to discuss your firebrick design with a masonry expert today or request an appointment online.

Having A Professional Install Stoves, Fireplaces And Inserts

If you are installing a wood stove, fireplace or any type of insert you have already made an investment in beautifying your home as well as heating it in a way that uses less energy and saves you money. When you begin the planning phase of your installation process it is necessary to contact a professional fireplace company to make sure your appliance is installed and maintained correctly.


Professional Installation of Stoves, Fireplaces And Inserts

A fireplace installation is a major renovation project, and not one for the weekend do-it-yourself homeowner. Building code inspectors will determine if the size, height and construction of your heating appliance are in accordance with building regulations in your area in order to approve your renovation. Having a professional on your side will alleviate any costly modifications should your new stove or fireplace not have the right proportions.

Avoiding Modifications And Repairs

If you are planning on tackling your own fireplace or wood stove installation project consider this: you are already spending a sizeable investment on the installation of a beautiful heating appliance – don’t you want to avoid spending unnecessary money on modifications? Fireplace installations are big projects, and if not installed correctly could wind up costing a lot more in costly repairs and updates. A fireplace or wood stove is more than just a beautiful addition to your home, they are also functioning heating appliances that when not installed correctly can cause serious damage such as:

  • Chimney damage
  • Masonry damage
  • Overheating inside your firebox
  • Carbon monoxide exposure


An added benefit of having a professional install your fireplace or wood-burning stove is that you will have an experienced technician on-hand should you have any questions. After your heating appliance is installed, you will have a team of professionals available to help keep your fireplace clean and swept, as well as inspected for any damage. Having a professional chimney and fireplace company like Billy Sweet Chimney Sweeps in the Boston, North Shore and Portland areas will help you install your appliance to not only make sure it is operating correctly from the first fire, but also to make sure your appliance is swept and inspected regularly.

The bottom line is, fireplace and woodstove installation projects are expensive. Spend that money wisely by employing the help of qualified and licensed professionals. When homeowners attempt to complete these types of projects on their own, the results are unattractive at best, and unsafe at worst. Hiring a professional will give you the peace of mind that the project will be completed beautifully and safely.

We love to see beautiful fireplaces, woodstoves and fireplace inserts installed in homes because they provide a relaxing and comforting aesthetic while giving homeowners the power to heat their homes in alternative ways. We are passionate about helping you use wood-burning appliances to heat your home safely, and the first step is having professionals help you plan and install your heating appliance. Contact the Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep team for a consultation and installation recommendations today.