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All About HeatShield®

Your chimney is designed to last, but many factors can cause it to become worn and damaged. In some cases, your chimney can require drastic repairs and even a rebuild. When damage is caught in time, it can be repaired simply, with industrial solutions that have been tested and designed for just that.

All About HeatShield Image - Boston MA - Billy Sweet Chimney SweepHeatShield® Cerfractory® Technology

HeatShield® combines the strength of a high fired ceramic with the heat resistance of high temperature refractory cement. This technology is long-lasting, heat resistant, and versatile. Thus, it can repair in a few ways. The material is a powder that is mixed with tap water before the job is done. Therefore, HeatShield® Cerfractory® sealant is not wasted, and costs remain low. Since it’s creation, chimney experts have been using HeatShield® to restore chimneys, using one of three systems of repair:

  1. Joint Repair System
    This system repairs joints correctly, strengthening your chimney and restoring it to full function. When there are gaps between flue tiles, a foam applicator blade is fit for your chimney and positioned below each gap. The HeatShield® mixture is placed into the gaps by the tool and the flue is smoothed as the tool moves upward.
  2. Resurfacing System
    What if the chimney is sound, but has cracks, spalling, and gaps in the flue? The resurfacing system restores the flue from top to bottom. The custom foam applicator is used, as it is in the joint repair. However, this time it is placed at the bottom of the flue, and hoisted upward with a wench. This tool applies a “tie coat” material to the flue walls, which cleans and primes the flue walls. After this coat dries, HeatShield® is applied, with a thickness of 1/4″ again using the foam applicator/wench system. This process is completed with a video scan to ensure the flue is restored, smoke-tight, and smooth.
  3. CeCure® Sleeve Relining System
    Much like the resurfacing system, this system requires a custom foam applicator/wench that applies HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant. Next a CeCure® Sleeve is lowered into the chimney and attached to the top. This sleeve is a high-density, low profile, ceramic insulation sleeve, reinforced with stainless steel fabric. It is pressed firmly into place when the foam applicator tool is pulled back down the flue. Afterwards, the job is completed when a coat of HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant is applied on top of the sleeve. This job is checked with a video scan, and a complete relining system. This restores a damaged liner, or lines an un-lined flue. This system is appropriate for all fuel types and is long lasting.

Why HeatShield?

This technology was developed in Europe over 20 years ago. In addition, it is the top choice for chimney professionals across the United States and Europe. It is an eco-friendly choice. Also, it is as dependable and long-lasting as a stainless steel liner. It’s affordable and comes with a 20 year limited warranty.

We stand by HeatShield® products because they are the best. Here at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep, we put customer safety and satisfaction first. For information about our chimney lining services ask a technician about HeatShield® today. To find out more about liners and their importance, click here. Remember that Billy Sweet is certified to get the job done right, and we can repair your flue before fall!

Use HeatShield to Protect Your Home and Chimney

The fireplace in your home has steadfastly provided you with warmth and an ambient, crackling background on chilly evenings. In return, you have lovingly followed through with an annual chimney sweep to keep your fireplace functioning. Unfortunately, a sweep might not catch the hidden damages inside your chimney. The flue tiles lining the inside of your chimney suffer the most neglect because you cannot see them without a through video inspection of the inside of the chimney. If these tiles are cracked, missing mortar, or completely absent, you can have a serious safety hazard on your hands. Luckily, all of these issues can be easily resolved using the HeatShield system.


Flue tiles are heat resistant units that line the interior of your chimney. They protect the masonry structure from the smoke and heat and guard the combustible materials in your home from starting on fire. If the flue tiles in your chimney are damaged or missing, you are putting your safety at risk. The corrosive products of a burning fire can cause damage to the masonry structure, meaning that a burning fire is slowly deteriorating the integrity of your chimney. In addition, flue tiles protect the combustible materials in your home, like dry wall and wooden beams, from catching fire. In a study done by the National Bureau of Standards, a fire in a unit with an unlined chimney resulted in adjacent woodwork lighting on fire within 3 ½ hours.

To protect your home from structural or fire damage, you need to have a professional assess the condition of the flue tiles in your chimney and repair any damages with HeatShield. If your flue tiles are only missing mortar, the simple fix involves applying HeatShield flue sealant to the interior of the chimney using a custom made application blade.

The Resurfacing System is used for flue tiles with missing mortar and other superficial damages. The professional will apply a special primer to prepare the surface for the HeatShield, then a fine layer of HeatShield flue sealant will fill in all cracks, crevices and holes. Upon the final application, the flue lining is as good as new.

Finally, some chimneys are missing entire sections of flue lining or do not have a flue lining at all. Before burning a fire under this chimney, you need to have a professional install a HeatShield lining. First, a layer of HeatShield flue sealant is laid against the bare masonry. Next, custom fit steel fabric is fitted against the sealant. The final step is to apply another layer of HeatShield flue sealant over the steel mesh to form a strong, heat-resistant flue lining.

All of these applications must be performed by a professional chimney service certified to properly use HeatShield products. If you live in the North Shore or Boston, Massachusetts area or the Portland, Maine area, contact Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep for a professional consultation.