Install A New Insert This Season

It’s time to think about your fireplace for next year. Whether it is cleaning your current fireplace, servicing your chimney, or upgrading to a new, more efficient model, spring is the best time to prepare!

Avoid the Fall Rush by Scheduling Now

The fall rush is the time between October and January when chimney professionals are busy with installations, repairs, and emergency calls. This is not the best time for service due to a high level of demand. If you’re looking to upgrade or convert to a new fuel for efficiency, do it soon so that you can rest assured that your fire will be ready to go in the fall.

Save Money This Summer with an Insert

Installing an insert this spring will save you money this summer. You’d be surprised how much money your traditional open fireplace costs you in lost conditioned air each year. An insert stops this completely because it has tight-sealing doors that prevent air from getting in or out.

Install an Insert for a More Efficient Fire

The savings you’ll see next winter will pay for your new insert. Installing one now will ensure you’re getting a product you like and will work for your needs in the best way. A fireplace expert at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep can help you choose the best insert for your home regardless of size, design, and capacity.

Choose Your Dream Fireplace Today

A beautiful and efficient fireplace will not only save you money, but it will bring up the value of your home. When you choose an insert, you gain all the convenience of a gas log set with the intense heat of a wood fire. We offer sleek contemporary models, traditional cast iron looks, and any design in between. Our inserts use gas, wood, or pellets, and all have their own very unique benefits. You can revitalize a tired fireplace with a new insert that you’ll be happy to sit in front of for years to come.

Inserts are Easy to Install

It will not be a big job to install a new insert this spring. Call a professional at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep to find out how quickly you can have yours completed. A fireplace expert will walk you through the process to ensure your investment is exactly what you imagined.

First, a technician will measure the existing fireplace to choose the best-sized insert for the firebox. Depending on the type of insert you choose and the safety of your chimney, you may be able to pipe the insert right into your chimney. If there is an issue with your chimney, which can be determined during an inspection, then repairs can be made, or the chimney can possibly be bypassed. Start the process now so that your new fireplace is ready for fall.

Contact Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep today to discuss your new insert with a professional!