You may be one of many home and business owners who think an oil or bio diesel furnace doesn’t need regular service. These types of appliances seem low-maintenance, but it’s important to remember that doesn’t mean NO maintenance!

Anytime you have a question or concern about your heating system, you should seek a qualified professional to look at your system completely.


It is important to hire a licensed and insured professional to install heat appliances in your home or business. A professional can ensure the appliance is properly connected to the fuel source, check for leaks, and inspect the whole heat system upon installation.

This type of work should not be D-I-Y, and proper safety precautions should be top priority. A Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep is experienced in alternative fuel furnaces, and will make certain the whole heating system (heat appliance and chimney system) are ready for operation before use.

How It Works

Alternative fuel furnaces are still fuel furnaces, just like wood or gas furnaces. When fuel is burned, it creates a byproduct in the form of gas and particles. This byproduct has to escape as it’s produced, so it escapes through the chimney system. Since oil is one of the most clean burning fuels, some may believe the chimney stays clean after a season of use, but this just isn’t true. All chimneys must be swept regularly, and inspected annually to ensure safety.

Oil furnaces have long running cycles during the winter season, and must be cleaned and inspected to prevent soot buildup. When soot builds up in the chimney overtime, especially when overlooked by an untrained technician, it can cause chimney decay and blockage. The soot becomes dangerous to the lining of your chimney when combined with moisture that may seep in. When this happens, only a professional can repair or replace the lining in your chimney.

Hire a Professional

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The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends annual inspections for safe and efficient operation. Some may believe the oil burner company will do the best job for your oil burning appliance. However, CSIA warns that the oil burner company may send a technician to your home or business, but they may not even check the chimney. They may only clean the bottom of the chimney out, near the appliance. CSIA says that some will even inspect the chimney without looking at it thoroughly.

This is not the case when you hire one of Billy Sweet’s Chimney Sweeps. We are certified by CSIA and agree that appliances and chimneys should have a thorough inspection annually in order to prevent chimney fires.

Billy Sweep Chimney Sweeps

We are experienced and ready to sweep your chimney of soot and debris, and perform an annual inspection at your request. Find out what we can do for you to ensure the safety of your home or business.

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