Tuckpointing Weatherproof Image - Boston MA - Billy Sweet Chimney SweepMasonry is long-lasting and beautiful. However, the very same materials that make it strong and porous also make it susceptible to damages. Brick, mortar, concrete, stone, and cast iron are just some of the materials that make up masonry. All of these materials are adversely affected by moisture. This means that no matter how well your chimney was built, you may experience deterioration sooner than expected. This will happen if you don’t take measures to prevent water damage.

Weather and Your Chimney

Water can affect every part of your chimney. From the inside out, rusting parts, rotting supports, cracking masonry, and more. The damage on the inside can be detected during a routine chimney sweep or inspection. However, you can often see damage occurring on the outside. When water penetrates the masonry, the water experiences a constant cycle of freezing and thawing. This can turn a hairline crack into a gaping crack as water expands. When it freezes, a widening a crack, allowing more water inside to freeze again. In addition to water from rain and snow, other natural occurrences can damage your masonry including sleet, wind, animals, and even some insects.

As the masonry is weakened, homeowners may begin to notice loose mortar. Even flakes and slivers of mortar, falling from the roof. If left unchecked, you might even find bricks falling from the roof, as mortar is loosened and the bricks become loose. This occurrence is called spalling, and should be a red flag for homeowners.

The Solution: Tuckpointing

The first thing to do when you notice a problem with your chimney is to contact a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS). Only a certified chimney sweep can assess the damage quickly and correctly. Plus, has the expertise to complete your tuckpointing or repointing job to restore your chimney completely.

Tuckpointing should never be left to an amateur. This detailed process of masonry repair includes removing the damaged mortar piece by piece, and replacing it with new. A chimney sweep who is inexperienced, or uncertified, may not mix the mortar correctly. This is because some amateurs mistakenly believe tuckpointing is strictly for looks. This is not true, and can be dangerous for your chimney and result in a shorter life.

At Billy Sweet, our technicians will match the new mortar with the color of the existing mortar. This will leave a beautiful finished product. However, we also know the importance of matching the strength and consistency of the new mortar with the old. Only an experienced chimney sweep can complete this task. If the mortar isn’t matched precisely, your chimney will not last.

Billy Sweet is licensed and insured. In addition, we send a CSIA certified chimney sweep on every job, and our technicians are expert masons. We will repair your chimney. Whether you need the chimney restored to full use, or if you need cosmetic repairs for real estate sales. We do a beautiful job in a professional manner, every time.

For more information about your spalling chimney, call Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep today or request an appointment online.