Your fireplace is the focal point of your home and the chimney is a permanent fixture. Time and regular use can lead to frustrating odors and even pollution in the home. When the chimney isn’t properly ventilated due to obstruction in the flue or a drop in efficiency, your home can be filled with particulate pollutants, harmful gases, and stagnant, stinky air. In order to prevent your chimney and fireplace from becoming a bother this summer and later when burning season returns, call in the professionals now.

What is Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)?mini house model with red stethoscope around it

Sick Building Syndrome, or SBS, is an actual medical condition in which all the people in a building suffer from the same symptoms caused by the building itself. In some cases, the occurrence of symptoms in all the building’s inhabitants is the only way the illness is connected to the building, and corrected. SBS may be caused by a minor smoke problem, leading to allergies and throat irritation. Other, more serious problems such as mold or bacterial growth and even carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur.

Who is at Risk?

When it comes to SBS, everyone who resides in the building is at risk when the building itself is the problem. Symptoms are most commonly caused by inadequate ventilation, deteriorating fiberglass duct liners, chemical contaminants, biological contaminants, fan coils, traffic noise, poor lighting, and urban pollution. Like any illness, there may be some who are not affected at all. Those most at risk are young children and older adults as well as pregnant women. Some conditions can be serious and life-threatening and should be reported to the doctor immediately. You can prevent your family from becoming ill by maintaining your home properly and repairing problems right away.

Carbon Monoxide Danger

The most serious cause of SBS is carbon monoxide exposure. A slow or fast leak can lead to organ damage, organ failure, and death, and it’s a danger that can be avoided. Don’t run gas-powered tools indoors—even in the garage. Open the garage before starting your car, and have your gas-powered appliance serviced regularly to prevent CO leaks. Additionally, you should have a CO detector in your home, installed on each level, and checked monthly. Finally, pay attention to signs and symptoms which affect everyone in the home. Symptoms of CO poisoning are often confused with common cold and flu or even psychiatric or neurological problems.

Professional Care and Preventative Services

The best way to prevent Sick Building Syndrome from affecting your family is to prevent your home from becoming sick! Schedule chimney sweeps regularly so that your chimney system will be professionally cleaned from top to bottom. Scheduling inspections annually will give a professional a chance to detect hazards before they put your family at risk.

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