Chimney Caps: Your Best Defense from Water Leaks

Chimney CapChimney leaks are a common problem in any home especially during seasons when rain is pouring non-stop. Leaks happen when water seeps inside your chimney. They occupy the little openings and cracks in the masonry walls and some go all the way down to the chimney flues and other major parts. A typical rainy day isn’t something to get all jumpy and panicky about, but if the problem is left unfixed, it will eventually cause a bigger problem for you in the long run.

Here at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep, we want to thoroughly discuss with you the problem on leaks. Because this problem in particular is the main source of a lot of major problems in the house like carbon monoxide poisoning, molds and the gradual destruction of your chimney walls.

Preventing Leaks with a Chimney Cap

The main reason why leaks happen is the lack of having a chimney crown and chimney cap. They are your first and ultimate line of defense in protecting your chimney. They prevent external factors from getting in, most especially water which could damage your chimney’s walls and overall structure. This is the best way to waterproof your chimney and fireplace. Installing a chimney cap will definitely do the trick and will absolutely help your chimney be more efficient and it will last you more years than expected.

It’s always best to seek professional help in installing the chimney caps. It’s a no-no to do it yourself because before we even install a chimney cap or crown, we still have to inspect and survey the chimney for any other damage or repair it may need. We at Billy Sweet Chimney Sweeps make sure that your chimney is protected from any leaks, blockages or any occurrence of that sort. You might spend a few extra dollars but rest assured, it will be money well spent.