A house fire is one of the worst situations we can think of ourselves in, especially when we think of home being the safest place we know. A fire can occur at any time, even in the middle of summer, and it is important to be prepared if a fire occurs within the home to keep you and you, your family, pets, and others staying in your home safe. f you have a chimney, it is critical to have it inspected and cleaned annually.

No matter how careful and preventative you are, you can still face a home fire.

No matter how careful and preventative you are, you can still face a home fire.


Take alarms seriously

When a smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off, it is for a real warning. Take all precautions seriously from the moment you become aware of an alarm or other problem such as seeing or smelling smoke. If an alarm goes off, GET OUT! It is important to notify the proper authorities, but do so after you have ensured your safety and to those around you.

Fire Extinguishers

Most fires start small and can be contained if acted upon quickly. Use fire extinguishers on small fires if available and accessible. Not only is a fire extinguisher a good protection, be familiar with its operation. Never operate a fire extinguisher if you do not know how to us it.

Take caution with closed doors

When evacuating a house that is on fire, always feel the door handle to see if it is hot. Never open a door if the handle is hot. Opening the door can bring more oxygen to the fire feeding it and possibly bringing you into more danger. Find another way out of the room. If you cannot escape, signal for help. Window ladders can be useful for second story rooms. Never use a non-approved ladder.

Stay low to the ground

Heat and smoke will rise, so being close to the floor will help keep you safer. Keeping low to the ground will help reduce the amount of smoke inhalation. Crawl and keep your hand on the wall to keep from being disoriented.

Once out Stay Out

Once you reach safety, dial 911 if someone has not already, and never re-enter a burning building. Stay clear from danger and await for authorities to arrive.

Have a Plan

The most important thing to consider about home fire safety is to have a plan. Practice as a whole household proper procedures in case there is a fire. Pick a spot a safe distance from your home as a meet-up spot to gather in case of a fire. Fire extinguishers, ladders, and proper procedures for exiting a burning house or building will help keep you and your loved ones safe.