Your chimney may look healthy from the outside, but it may have a hidden problem that is wreaking havoc on all of the unseen parts. Because of the porous nature of masonry and the materials it is made of, masonry chimneys are highly susceptible to water penetration and damage, which may go unseen for many weeks or even months before anyone notices signs of a problem. By this time there is usually serious unseen damage within the system–damage that is 100 percent preventable.How We Waterproof Your Chimney - Boston MA - Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep

Water Damage

Whether it falls in through an exposed flue, penetrates through the masonry, or seeps in through damaged flashing, water will produce the same result–damage. Water doesn’t only damage parts of the chimney itself, but usually results in other leaks that affect your home. When water comes in through the chimney system, it will travel through the structure of your home, in ceilings, floors, and walls until it pools in one low area where it will form a leak. For this reason, if you have a leak anywhere in your home, even rooms away from your chimney, it’s important to call a chimney professional. The chimney is the first thing that should be checked because it’s usually the culprit. Besides damage to the home, walls, floors, and furniture, the chimney takes on damage that is costly to repair.

Water causes serious damage to the chimney, including:

-Rust to parts, assemblies, ducts, and connections
-Deterioration of assemblies, masonry, mortar, and mortar joints
-Rotting adjacent wood, wall coverings, walls, and floors
-Water stains in home and masonry (interior and exterior portions)
-Cracks and damage to flue lining system
-Collapsed hearth support and foundation damage
-Leaning, tilted, or collapsed chimney structure
-Chimney settlement
-Odors, spores, and mold affecting breathable air in the home

Preventing Water Damage

At Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep we understand the importance of water damage prevention due to our sometimes harsh winters and proximity to ocean waters. Falling precipitation isn’t the only water that can penetrate the chimney system. Moisture in the air, especially corrosive moisture such as salt water, can be just as damaging to the masonry. It’s important to schedule routine maintenance with a chimney professional in order to make sure your chimney is protected against water penetration. At Billy Sweet we offer chimney inspections  year round that will identify problems and hazards that put your chimney and home at risk. We also diagnose leaky chimneys, and the first thing we’ll check is the flashing because it’s often installed incorrectly. Billy Sweet will also check that your flashing, cap, crown, and masonry is in good shape and will keep water out. To add extra protection to the masonry, we apply a waterproofing product that will keep water out year after year.

Functional Waterproofing

It’s unsafe to put latex sealant or other outdoor water repellent products on your masonry. They may keep water out, but the chimney won’t work properly, or safely. The water repellent that we use at Billy Sweet actually repels water, keeping water molecules from getting in, while still remaining vapor-permeable so that gas and heat can escape.

We not only waterproof chimneys year-round, but we offer this service free after exterior masonry repairs!

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