During the warm, vacation months of summer the last thing you might want to think about is your chimney. However, if you remember anything thisDon't Wait to Schedule Your Chimney Appointment IMG- Boston MA- Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep summer, it should be your chimney! Take this time to schedule those chimney appointments while the weather is warm, and your chimney is out of use.

Easy Scheduling

Late spring and summer is considered off-season for the chimney and fireplace industry. By scheduling during the off-season you’re more likely to get a time that is most convenient for you. You’re also more likely to not wait on your appointment, because during the off-season chimney sweep companies have less emergency calls. If you wait until fall to schedule your chimney appointments you risk missing a problem in your chimney system that must be fixed before use.

If you find a problem during burning season, you have to discontinue use of your chimney for 24 hours before a cleaning or inspection. This means a couple of cold nights for your family, and more if it needs repairs.

Don’t be Tempted to Skip Appointments

If you wait to schedule your chimney appointments and feel you don’t have the time to get it done, you might be tempted to skip them altogether. This is NOT recommended. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends regular chimney sweeps and annual inspections to ensure the safety and functionality of the chimney system.

By skipping these appointments you risk missing a problem with your chimney, whether minor or major, that can compromise the safety and efficiency of the whole system. When you fail to have the chimney swept, the soot and creosote can even block the chimney flue, and since it’s a highly flammable substance, you are more likely to experience a flue fire.

If You Find a Problem

If you are inclined to schedule an appointment with a chimney sweep because your chimney’s efficiency began to decline at the end of burning season, you definitely don’t want to wait to make that call. If you noticed anything off about your system, it can point to a major problem. In most cases there is already extensive damage to the interior chimney system before the homeowner sees the first hint of a problem.

Summer is a great time to schedule your chimney sweep appointments, whether you notice a problem or not. Since it’s off-season it’s more convenient for your chimney sweep company and more convenient for you. You don’t have to stop burning in your fireplace, and you’ll be burn-ready for fall! Really there’s no better time to cross these things off your list.

Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep Services

When you’re ready to make this call, a Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep is standing by. Chimney sweeping is a process that should be done with a professional only to ensure safety of the home and family. Our experience and our professionalism speaks for itself, but if you’re not convinced we invite you to visit our reviews.

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