Chimney caps are the most inexpensive way to prevent water penetration to the the chimney system. The Chimney Cap and Why it's Important- Boston MA- Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep-w800-h597 The chimney cap covers the flue opening to keep the weather out, and here in New England we get a fair share of weather. Although the chimney cap is sometimes called a rain cover, it is essential for winter weather as well.

Keep the Outside Out and the Inside In

The average snowfall for one year is enough to wreak havoc on a chimney, especially in New England. The process of freezing, thawing, and expanding through one cycle of seasons causes extensive damage to the chimney system. The chimney cap prevents rain water and snow from entering the flue opening.
Throughout the seasons various animals like to climb into chimneys and nest in the safety and warmth there. Throughout the year a chimney can become a habitat for small animals like squirrels, raccoons, and birds. Some animals, depending on the location, are protected, like the Chimney Swift. If a Chimney Swift nests in your chimney, it cannot be removed, and the chimney cannot be cleaned or used until the young birds have left the nest.
When a fire is burning particularly hot, it’s common for sparks and other byproducts to fly up through the flue. Without a chimney cap these sparks can ignite debris on the roof, or in a yard below or nearby.

When to Call a Professional

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends regular chimney sweeps and annual inspections for safe and efficient use of fireplace and chimney systems. It’s at these appointments that a professional would notice a missing, incorrectly installed, or damaged chimney cap.

Other good times to make an appointment with a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) are after the sale or transfer of a house, when fuel type is changed, or when changes are made to the system (including natural disasters and fire damage).

A Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep knows what is expected of chimneys in the Boston area. We pride ourselves on expert training and experience that puts our sweeps at the top of the industry for chimney maintenance. We offer waterproofing services and repairs to leaky chimneys, at fair rates and professional service.

Water Damage

Billy Sweet Chimney Sweeps make it our top priority to keep your fireplace system working and safe for your family, home, or business. When water is allowed to penetrate the chimney system it can affect everything, as the chimney is a system of many parts. Water damage can cause, rust, rot, deterioration, cracks, decay, stains, and more.

Call a Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep today or make an appointment online to check your chimney cap.