The holidays can be hectic with meal planning, decorating, shopping, travel plans and more clouding your mind. Therefore, it can be difficult to remember the practical, everyday things. Just as important as having your oil changed before that long trip to visit the in-laws, you should have your chimney swept. Do this before the busy holiday season, when the fireplace is often the focal point for many festivities.

Add a Chimney Sweep to Your Holiday Check List - Boston MA - Billy Sweet Chimney SweepSchedule Now and Avoid Conflicts

The holidays are fast approaching. However, you can avoid the headache of schedule conflicts by calling in advance. If you call now you can have your chimney swept before your holiday festivities. Doing this will most likely get an appointment time that better suits your schedule. Also, to prepare for your appointment we request that you discontinue use of the fireplace 24 hours in advance. This can mean a cold day if you wait until late December for your chimney sweep. Schedule now and take advantage of this mild Boston weather.

The Perks of a Clean Chimney While Entertaining

A dirty chimney comes with a whole host of issues, including decreased efficiency and increased risk of fire. There are other downsides as well. For instance, a dirty fireplace can become stinky, especially when moisture penetrates the masonry. This can be a problem if you entertain during the holidays and use your fireplace as a focal point, as many do. The hearth and mantel is also a popular holiday photo backdrop. A chimney sweep cleans all the parts of the chimney, hearth, and firebox. So, you can also avoid pictures with a dirty fireplace by having it cleaned now.

What to Expect

If you’ve already begun decorating for the holidays, it’s okay. When you schedule a chimney sweep with Billy Sweet Chimney Sweep you can count on a professional service every time. This means that we will get the job done in a timely manner. Plus, we will leave your home in the state we found it when we arrived. We request only that you discontinue use of the chimney 24 hours in advance. This keeps our chimney sweeps safe during the service call. In addition, we ask that you move furniture, objects, and decorations away from the fireplace opening.

In order to do the job quickly, it’s best if there is space for the sweep and his tools at your fireplace opening.

When You Choose Billy Sweet

By choosing the best chimney professionals in the Boston, North Shore, and Portland areas you get the best services at a competitive price. Billy Sweet puts customer safety first every time. That’s why we send a trained and certified technician on each call. You will get a thorough cleaning, a state-of-the-art chimney inspection. Also, any documentation required for insurance, real estate, and personal records. Our chimney experts are available to answer questions during the visit, and will report any concern immediately.

There is really no reason not to schedule your chimney sweep this holiday season. Not only will it be one more important thing off your list, but you also won’t have to worry about it coming into the new year. Plan ahead and take advantage of the benefits of a chimney sweep by scheduling your appointment today!

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