If your home or property has a chimney it is recommended that you have it cleaned regularly and inspected annually, before and during burning season. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)  recommends a chimney inspection annually even if nothing has changed with the chimney. However, if there has been any changes to the Why You Need a Video Scan IMG- Boston MA- Billy Sweet Chimney Sweepchimney, it should undergo a level two inspection. A level two inspection requires a video scan. Other reasons to schedule a video scan for your chimney is if you’re suspecting damage or debris. Anything that obstructs the chimney or allows damage to persist in the chimney can put your entire family and home at risk of fire.

Reasons to Schedule Video Surveillance

The chimney is a closed system. The ‘old west’ system of using a mirror to check for obstruction and damage is long gone. Today it’s not only yourself that is invested in your property. Your real estate agent, insurance adjuster, and mortgage lender all want to know that your chimney is sound. Video surveillance is the best way to get a detailed report on the condition of your chimney.

There are other reasons to schedule a video scan for your chimney. For instance, if you notice a problem with your chimney, suspect damage, or blockage, it’s a good time to have it done. A video scan can detect:

  • Debris
    • It can be caused from animals nesting, or leaves and twigs falls into the chimney from the top. Either way, debris can cause blockage, as well as fire hazard.
  • Creosote.
    • A natural byproduct of organic fire, creosote attaches to the walls of the chimney flue. If left unchecked and if regular chimney sweeps are neglected, this creosote can persist and buildup, resulting in glazed creosote [http://www.csia.org/about-csia/faq.aspx#6]. Glazed creosote is an extreme fire hazard, as it not only slows the venting process, but is highly flammable.
  • Damage.
    • Even a hairline crack in a chimney flue can let moisture in, wreaking havoc on your chimney system. Cracks like this cannot be seen with the naked eye, and are best detected with a video scan.

Call a Professional Today

A chimney sweep company that offers chimney inspection should also offer video scans. Billy Sweet doesn’t only offer video scans, but we use the best technology for the job. Our CSIA certified chimney sweeps use the Chim-Scan camera system and the Kohler Vis2000-Pro to properly inspect your chimney. Our sweeps are experienced in using this equipment to locate leaks, voids, and other problems with your chimney, as well as to verify the chimney is clean and ready to work following a cleaning or repair.

Billy Sweet Chimney Sweeps not only uses video surveillance to check on your chimney during an inspection, but also to check our work. You won’t have to wonder if the job is done correctly, because we offer our customers a detailed report that is acceptable to officials like real estate and insurance agents.

Don’t leave yourself guessing about your chimney’s safety. Worry less and schedule a chimney scan today.